The Ultimate Seiko Monster Collector's Guide

What Lurks Below: The Ultimate Seiko Monster Collector’s Guide

Posted by Mike Johnson on in Articles, Collector's Guides

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The Seiko Monster might be one of the most polarizing dive watches ever released.

The love-it or hate-it design has camps firmly entrenched on either side, with dedicated followers declaring their love for the quality and value, while detractors scratch their heads at the aggressive and somewhat ugly overall design.

Both sides have a point – the Seiko Monster is no beauty queen. But with a watch like the Monster, that was never the intent. Just look at the name: “Monster”, it was always destined to scare some people.

The Monster is all about rugged dive capability offered at an exceptional value. Like the Seiko SKX, you can most Monsters for less than $500 – and for that you’re getting a pretty amazing watch: 200 meters of water resistance, a reliable low-maintenance mechanical movement, and an incredibly overbuilt dive watch that can withstand a lot of abuse.

Not to mention, the aggressive design has been known to grow on the unbelievers. I’ve witnessed many a convert spend years hating the Monster before finally giving up and falling in love with what it is: an unabashed tool-watch.

Enjoying 10 years of continuous production, there is no denying that the Monster might be one of Seiko’s most popular modern dive watches. The basic model has evolved over three generations, and Seiko has released dozens of highly collectible special editions and unique colors to satisfy collector’s insatiable appetite for this affordable diver.

Let’s dig in, starting with the various Seiko movements used in this model.

Seiko Monster One-Page Price Reference

visual_reference_iconA handy printable visual reference guide containing the latest known model names and prices for the available Seiko Monsters, both domestic and abroad.

Download PDF

Seiko Monster Movements

Reference Jewels Rate Power Hacking Handwinding Day Date
7S26 21 21,600 bph 40 hours
7S36 23 21,600 bph 40 hours
4R36 24 21,600 bph 41 hours
6R15 23 21,600 bph 50 hours

Seiko Monsters primarily use one of four popular Seiko Movements, the 7S26, the 7S36, the 4R36, and the 6R15. All of these movements are all fairly similar, considering that they share the same basic architecture.

The 7SXX line of movements are Seiko’s popular workhorse movement used in much of their entry-level automatic watches since 1996. The 7S26 and 7S36 are identical movements excluding the addition of two additional jewels on the 7S36, which are purely decorative.

The 4R36 and 6R15 are upgrades on this basic architecture, adding hacking and hand-winding capabilities. The 6R15 is the most desirable movement of this group, owing a 50-hour power reserve to it’s upgraded Spron 510 mainspring (a highly elastic alloy developed by Seiko).

None of these movement are known for their fit and finish, however they are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain, due to their relative simplicity and availability of spare parts. Accuracy is typically +/- 25 sec / day, although they can be made more accurate with proper regulation.

Classic Seiko Monsters

First released in basic black and orange, the original Monster set the standard for many of this watches now iconic characteristics: the chunky case, insane glowing lume, a toothy steel ratcheted bezel, and the stubby and short broad-arrow hour hand.

There were many special editions of this watch produced, with some of them being incredibly rare and collectible. See the ‘Limited Edition’ section for more details.

Classic Black Monster

Model:SKX779 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:7S26
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSKX779 on WatchPatrol
The original. Black dial and steel bezel available on rubber or bracelet. No longer in production but stock is still available.

Classic Orange Monster

Model:SKX781 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:7S26
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSKX781 on WatchPatrol
Orange proved to be an incredibly popular variation on the original Monster. Still in production by Seiko.

Limited Edition Seiko Monsters

Most of the limited edition Monsters from this generation were released in very limited quantities in Thailand. Although a couple of limited editions have unique specs, the majority are basic variations on the color and materials of the base model (1st and 2nd gen) Monsters.

Why Thailand? Most likely because Seiko has a manufacturing and design facility there and early iterations of this watch enjoyed robust sales in the Asian markets. Or maybe Thai people just like crazy looking watches.

Snow Monster

Seiko SKZ331
Model: SKZ331 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Rare (2555 units) Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SKZ331 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with blue markings, white and blue dial with silver markings, white and black hands and blue seconds hand. 'Limited Edition' printed on dial.

LE Blue Monster

Seiko SKZ213
Model: SKZ213 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Rare (1800 units) Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SKZ213 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with red and black markings, blue dial with white hands and markers.

LE Red Monster

Seiko SKZ243
Model: SKZ243 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Rare (1313 units) Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SKZ243 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with red and black markings, red dial, and white hands with orange seconds hand. 'Limited Edition' printed on dial.

LE Yellow Monster

Seiko SKZ203
Model: SKZ203 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Very Rare (300 units) Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SKZ203 on WatchPatrol
Very rare at only 300 pieces produced worldwide. Steel bezel with black markings, yellow dial with white hands and red seconds hand. 'Limited Edition' printed on dial.

LE Green Monster

Seiko SKZ277
Model: SKZ277 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Rare (1818 units) Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SKZ277 on WatchPatrol
Chrome bezel, lime green dial, yellow seconds hand, white hands. 'Limited Edition' printed on dial.

Super Blue Monster

Seiko SRP455
Model: SRP455 Size: 45mm
Rarity: Limited Movement: 4R36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SRP455 on WatchPatrol
100th anniversary edition. Chrome blue bezel with white markings, blue sunburst dial, gold hands and markings, gold crown.

Zamba Monster

Seiko SRP319
Model: SRP319 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Limited (2112 units) Movement: 4R36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SRP319 on WatchPatrol
Sapphire crystal, black bezel with black and red markings, red, purple and green markings. Red hands. 'Limited Edition' printed on dial.

Moon Monster LE

Seiko SRP457
Model: SRP457 Size: 45mm
Rarity: Limited (1313 units) Movement: 4R36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SRP457 on WatchPatrol
Seiko Monster 10th anniversary edition. Black case and bezel with yellow markings. Crescent moon design on dial.

Sun Monster LE

Seiko SRP459
Model: SRP459 Size: 45mm
Rarity: Limited (2323 units) Movement: 4R36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SRP459 on WatchPatrol
Seiko Monster 10th anniversary edition designed by Akira Sakairi.

Royal Blue LE Monster

Seiko SRP657
Model: SRP657 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Limited (1000 units) Movement: 4R36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SRP657 on WatchPatrol
Basically an inverted 'Snow Monster'

Prince Monster

Seiko SNM039
Model: SNM039 Size: 48mm
Rarity: Limited (1666 units) Movement: 7S35
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SNM039 on WatchPatrol
Limited edition 'Land Monster' with rose gold case accents. Much larger than the standard Monster.

2nd Generation Seiko Monsters

In what may have been a move to take the Monster “theme” a bit too far, the second generation dial was updated to look like the gaping maw of a lamprey attached to a poor lake trout.

Still, the new model proved immensely popular and the upgrades at movement provided the watch with much needed hacking and hand-winding capabilities.

2nd-Gen Black Monster

Model:SRP307 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:4R36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSRP307 on WatchPatrol
Black dial, white markers and hands, and red-tipped seconds hand.

2nd-Gen Orange Monster

Model:SRP309 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:4R36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSRP309 on WatchPatrol
Orange dial, white markers and hands, and white tipped seconds hand.

2nd-Gen Black/Red Monster

Model:SRP313 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:4R36
Amazon (US):$549.99 Ebay (US)
FindSRP313 on WatchPatrol
Black dial, red and white markers and hands.

2nd-Gen Black/Orange Monster

Model:SRP311 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:4R36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSRP311 on WatchPatrol
Black bezel with orange markings, black/orange sunburst dial, and black and white hands and markers.

2nd-Gen Orange/Black Monster

Model:SRP315 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:4R36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSRP315 on WatchPatrol
Black bezel with white markings, orange and black dial, and black and white hands and markers.

Black Ion Monster

Model:SRP583 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:4R36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSRP583 on WatchPatrol
Black bezel with white markings, black bracelet, gold markings, hands and crown.

Sea Monster

Model:SRP581 Size:43mm
Rarity:Limited Movement:4R36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSRP581 on WatchPatrol
Blue bezel with white markings, black dial with white and blue hands.

3rd Generation Seiko Monsters

From a strict design perspective, the third iteration of the Seiko Monster is by far the most balanced. Gone are the shark-tooth indices of the second generation, replaced with the trapezoidal markers reminiscent of the first release. The day feature was dropped, and a Rolex-esque magnification window was added to the crystal. The 3rd-gen Monster also contains the premium 6R15 movement, a module otherwise used in the mid-range SARB line (eg. The “Alpinist”, and the “Cocktail Time”).

Unfortunately the 3rd generation models are not as easy to acquire in the U.S. market yet, you’ll have to buy from a global/Japanese marketplace like Ebay, Rakuten or ShoppinginJapan.

Additionally, these models have moved into the midrange market in terms of price (~$500) and no longer have the value that made the original models so attractive to entry level buyers. Still, they are higher quality than the originals and well worth the price.

3rd-Gen Black Monster

Model:SBDC025 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:6R15
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSBDC025 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel, black dial, white markings and hands.

3rd-Gen Orange Monster

Model:SBDC023 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:6R15
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSBDC023 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel, orange dial, black and white markings and hands

Seiko Night Monsters

The Night Monsters are blacked-out variations of the original Monster design produced for the Japanese domestic market (JDM), featuring blacked-out PVD bezels, cases and bracelets. Originally intended to be limited editions, these watches enjoyed an extended production run and are relatively easy to acquire online.

Night Monster

Model:SZEN002 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common (JDM) Movement:7S36
Amazon (US):$451.03 Ebay (US)
FindSZEN002 on WatchPatrol
Black case, black bezel, black bracelet, black dial.

White Night Monster

Model:SZEN006 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common (JDM) Movement:7S36
Amazon (US):$582.00 Ebay (US)
FindSZEN006 on WatchPatrol
Black case, black bezel, black bracelet, white dial with white hands and red second hand.

Purple Night Monster

Model:SZEN007 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common (JDM) Movement:7S36
Amazon (US):$568.10 Ebay (US)
FindSZEN007 on WatchPatrol
Black case, black bezel, black bracelet, purple dial with white hands and purple second hand.

Orange Night Monster

Seiko SZEN001
Model: SZEN001 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Common (JDM) Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SZEN001 on WatchPatrol
Black case, black bezel, black bracelet, orange dial with white and black hands.

Seiko Land Monsters

The Land Monsters are like a strange love-child between a Seiko Alpinist and the original Monster. Although it mostly looks like a standard Monster, it also features a rotating directional bezel controlled by the crown at 2 o’clock. Even though it’s focused on trekking on land, it maintains it’s 200M WR and timing bezel, making it a usable dive watch as well.

Black Land Monster

Seiko SNM035
Model: SNM035 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Limited Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SNM035 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with orange and black markings, steel bracelet, black dial with orange seconds-hand.

Orange Land Monster

Seiko SNM037
Model: SNM037 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Limited Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SNM037 on WatchPatrol
Steel case with rubber bracelet, black bezel with white and orange markings, orange dial with black and white hands.

Seiko Baby Monsters

The so-called “Baby Monsters” (designated with SNZF) share the iconic styling of the original Monsters but lack some of the real dive-watch capabilities of their more serious siblings. The dial sports the “Seiko 5 Sports” logo, and the lack of screw-down crown downgrades the depth rating to only 100 meters.

These were intended more for the fashion market, and can be had for closer to $100. They still contain automatic movements though, and in that regard they still represent a great value for a mechanical watch.

White Baby Monster

Seiko SNZF45
Model: SNZF45 Size: 43mm
Rarity: Common Movement: 7S36
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SNZF45 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with black markings, white dial with black and white hands.

Black/Red Baby Monster

Model:SNZF47 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:7S36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSNZF47 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with red and black markings, black dial with white hands and red seconds-hand.

Orange Baby Monster

Model:SNZF49 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:7S36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSNZF49 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with orange and black markings

Black Baby Monster

Model:SNZF51 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:7S36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSNZF51 on WatchPatrol
Steel bezel with orange and black markings, orange and black dial with white and black hands.

Night Baby Monster

Model:SNZF53 Size:43mm
Rarity:Common Movement:7S36
Amazon (US):n/a Ebay (US)
FindSNZF53 on WatchPatrol
Black bezel with red and white markings, black dial with white markings and red seconds-hand.

Seiko Trek Monsters

Another JDM-only version of the Monster released in 2009, the Seiko “Trek Monster” is the land-lover’s companion to this iconic dive-watch. Powered by the 6R15 like the 3rd generation Monsters, the Trek Monsters feature a navigational bezel in place of the standard diving bezel and more of a field watch styling for the dial and hands.

These models are slightly smaller at 40mm, but still boast a 200M water resistance just in case you can’t keep out of the water.

Although some people dispute the fact that these models should be classified with other “Monsters”, I believe they share enough of the design DNA and components to include them in this reference guide.

Trek Monster

Seiko SARB047
Model: SARB047 Size: 40mm
Rarity: Common (JDM) Movement: 6R15
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SARB047 on WatchPatrol
Basic black 'Trek Monster'. Black bezel with white markings, black dial with white hands and markings.

Gold Trek Monster

Seiko SARB048
Model: SARB048 Size: 40mm
Rarity: Common (JDM) Movement: 6R15
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SARB048 on WatchPatrol
Standard 'Trek Monster' with a gold case, black crown, and gilded markings.

Green Night Trek Monster

Seiko SARB049
Model: SARB049 Size: 40mm
Rarity: Common (JDM) Movement: 6R15
Amazon: n/a Ebay (US)
Find SARB049 on WatchPatrol
Standard 'Trek Monster' with green hands and markings.

Live Pricing Table

We’re able to automatically pull the lowest available price For the Monster models that can be readily obtained on Amazon. See our table below for a quick price comparison of the common models.

Prices are updated every 60 minutes.

Thumbnail Type Model Color Amazon Ebay
SKX779 Classic Monster SKX779 Black Ebay (US)
SKX781 Classic Monster SKX781 Orange Ebay (US)
SRP307 2nd Generation SRP307 Black Ebay (US)
SRP309 2nd Generation SRP309 Orange Ebay (US)
SRP311 2nd Generation SRP311 Orange Starburst $549.99 Ebay (US)
SRP313 2nd Generation SRP313 Red Ebay (US)
SRP315 2nd Generation SRP315 Orange/Black Ebay (US)
SRP583 2nd Generation SRP583 Black Ion Ebay (US)
SBDC025 3rd Generation SBDC025 Black Ebay (US)
SBDC023 3rd Generation SBDC023 Orange Ebay (US)
SNZF47 Baby Monster SNZF47 Black/Red Ebay (US)
SNZF49 Baby Monster SNZF49 Orange Ebay (US)
SNZF53 Baby Monster SNZF53 Night Black Ebay (US)
SRP581 Limited Edition SRP581 Blue Sunburst Ebay (US)
SZEN002 Night Monster SZEN002 Black $451.03 Ebay (US)
SZEN006 Night Monster SZEN006 White $582.00 Ebay (US)
SZEN007 Night Monster SZEN007 Purple $568.10 Ebay (US)

Please let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorite Monster models in the comments below!

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  1. Steve Joyce

    Thanks for this guide. I have a couple and am looking for more as I can find them at good prices. The gen 2 “Dracula” is my next target and then the one of the yen 3s. The numbers of variations is crazy! Do you think that the so called baby tunas which seem to be monsters with shrouds should be considered variations? I found your post at watchuseek btw. I think that I might be developing a monster problem. Anyhow thanks.

  2. Post
    Mike Johnson

    Steve, definitely sounds like you are developing a problem – best to seek help! 😉

    I did consider the “Baby Tunas” for the guide, but honestly they are such a weird hybrid between the Tunas and the Monsters they are difficult to classify. For me, the shrouded case makes it more Tuna than Monster, but I’m sure you could argue it either way.

  3. Kristoffer Thomsen

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for this very clear and informative overlook of the magnificent monsters! 🙂
    Just wanna offer a tiny correction: I don’t think the Blue Monster reads “Limited Edition” on the dial? (on mine it does not, anyways, and the pictures I’ve seen of other Blue monster LE didnt either…
    Cheers! 🙂

    – Kristoffer

    1. Post
  4. Mark Lewis

    This is an excellent article. Very informative and well laid out with the perfect amount of information. Well done Mike. I been looking to purchase my first Monster in the UK and could not find all the information I needed to make my final decision until I came across your article. It helped me to make my decision to purchase the 2nd Gen SRP313J1 “Dracula” which I should have in my possession on Monday 16th Jan 2017 🙂

    1. Post
  5. Gerardo Ruiten

    I collect all the Monsters and i miss a few on your site
    Seiko SRP461 ( Limited 500 Pieces )
    Seiko Szen009
    Seiko Szen010
    Seiko SARB053 Black
    Seiko SARB055 Blue
    Seiko SARB057 Orange
    Seiko SARB075 Green ( 750 Pieces )
    Seiko SARB077 Purple ( 750 Pieces )
    Seiko SARB078 Gold Black ( 900 Pieces )

  6. Ken

    Can’t believe they put the ugly rolex style old person magnifying glass in the 3rd generation. It’s horrible and distorts the view.

    Might have to get another 2nd gen version before they become too hard to find. I love my red/black Seiko Monster

  7. WatchNoob

    I saw a unique gen 1 monster in a watch dealer last time,but i dont know the name.Here is the descriptions:

    Gold crown.
    The bezel is blue with North,S,W,E markings.
    I think it has 100m water resistance.
    Dial looks like the super blue .monster but with a (+)(u know what i mean…)design.
    It says ‘limited edition’ on the dial.

    I hope you can tell me which model is that.(sorry for my bad English).If im not mistaken,the strap comes with it looks like it is made from jeans.

    1. Post
  8. Watch Noob

    Just checked it out.Its a Seiko Superior Monster SRP451.It has a nice dark blue nylon strap.Do you think its rare or really rare?Btw its in Miri,Borneo.

    Cost about USD50 more than my BM gen 2.And yes it has 100m water resistant and an expedition case back.

    Out of topic question:
    Do you think Seiko Mt.Fuji(s) are rare?or just limited…

    1. Post
  9. Leo Senn

    Hey, great article! Extremely informative indeed. Just learned about a new 3rd gen Monster..szsc003. Blue watch face. Rumor has it that it is a limited edition. Do you have insights?



    1. Post
  10. Pete

    Hey Mike,
    Just came across your post. It seems you forgot to mention the Daddy of them all, the Quartz Monster that predates the Monster lineage by a year. First time the “Monster” hands show up on a Seiko watch. Only produced from 1999-2000. Comes in both black [SLR001] and cream dial [SLR003]. Both extremely hard to find and with the plastic shroud still intact. I am fortunate to still have a NOS piece. Either way, great article.

  11. mike

    Hey! I can confirm SZSC003 is on the market, called \’Blue Eye Monster\” . Seems to be limited edition 1000pc – take this with a grain of salt as it is not from official source, all the Japanese sellers are stating it .


  12. Dave F

    @mike – I am also looking for solid production amount information on these Blue Eye Monsters (SZSC003) as well. I picked one up from a Japanese seller on eBay a few days ago, and it was just shipped – very excited to receive. Only Japanese sellers and Amazon seem to have them. Nothing on the Seiko sites about it. Why such a secret with these? And since blue is such a popular color, I’m very surprised that it’s not being produced in the same quantities as the Gen 3 orange and black Monsters…?

  13. paul

    hi guys i have a first generation orange monster 7s26 made in japan version and it has a outer yellow ring on the dial is this rare ?

  14. Jay Javier

    Hi Mike,

    Saw one online – the SRP315K2 (Uni-directional rotating BLACK ion-plated bezel. Black orange dial with luminous hands and index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim.)

    I know the Classic Orange Monster has a SS bezel, but is this one just a variant? Worth getting??


    1. Post
      Mike Johnson

      It’s basically the same, beside the color scheme. I’m pretty sure the “ion-plating” is just another term for PVD, so it’s likely a black coated stainless steel bezel (and crown). If you like the color scheme better, I say go for it 🙂

  15. Monster collector

    The srp315 are $150 these days on clearance. Once sold out the dealers restock. What’s the point? Surely they can’t be making money on these. When will they run out? Seems like an endless supply the last 2 years and yet the srp307 and 309 are scarce as hell

  16. NegNoodles

    I”m seriously in love with this. Hope you’ll consider making other “collections”. For example, the Seiko Tuna or the Seiko Turtle 😀

    1. Post
  17. John

    You have created a MONSTER!!! I have a Sea Monster on the way!!! Thank you for posting this and all the links. Cannot wait to get my Monster!!! I fear I will end up getting more if I like the way it looks on my wrist 🙂 There are so many that I want….this is not good 😉

    1. Post
  18. jim dignan

    My orange monster, was bought about 6 years ago and hardly worn. I am considering selling but I can’t tell what generation it is or where made. Could you possibly let me know some information on it?
    Here are some numbers/letters on the back:

    7S26-0350 AD

    On the front at six o’clock position, in tiny letters it reads: 7S26 (on left side of six marker); and 2084 R 2, on right side of six marker.
    Many thanks

    1. Post
      Mike Johnson

      Sounds like you have a first generation Orange Monster (SKX781) — they were the only generation that used the 7S26 movement. As far as where it was made, you’d have to see if it is a SKX781 or SKX781K — the K models were generally made outside of Japan (Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand…).

  19. John Somogy

    SEIKO MONSTER AUTOMATIC 24 JEWELS MEN’S WATCH SRP483K1 & SRP483J1 (better known as a Baby Monster w/improved caliber).
    Condition: New
    Automatic Movement
    Caliber 4R36
    24 Jewels
    Hardlex Crystal

    Love your list but it is time to update again. This is a valuable tool!
    Personally, I wear a SBDC 023 3rd gen. Orange Monster—-absolutely love it!


  20. TB


    I am looking at picking up a used first generation orange monster (no papers or boxes) for around usd 100. Normal bracelet scratches but crystal has scratch. Should I buy and 2) can I replace crystal and maintain water resistance?

    Also I have black gen 1 monster I will pick up used for about usd200. Still a good buy (good condition but no papers and box).

    Is it me or are the prices on eBay for these gen 1s going up?????


  21. Anesti Vega

    Thank you so much for creating this guide, Mike! I’ve been wanting to add the Orange Monster to my collection for some time now, but was unfamiliar with the different generations and models. It’s even helped me stay away from some counterfeits offered on Amazon, just by comparing dials and bezels alone.

    1. Post
      Mike Johnson

      No problem Anesti, glad you found it useful! I think the original orange monster is my favorite of the bunch.

  22. Raul

    After stumbling across this site I did some unpacking and found my classic black (SKX779) and Orange Land (SNM037) Monster. In the short time since I have added a Super Blue Monster (SRP455) and a Black Land Monster (SNM035). I now rotate wearing them everyday. I am still looking to add to my collection. Thanks for the info.

  23. Alex

    I heard from a very reliable source that there would be a Zimbe Limited Edition Monster somewhere early to mid-2018. This would be the last ever Monster watch to be produced, so it would be a collector’s dream to get hold on one….

    1. Post
      Mike Johnson

      Hi Gani, typically the second number in the serial is the case number, with the first being the movement. So your watch uses the 0550 case and has a 7s26 movement. It’s a bit strange though, because I don’t think the monster uses the 0550 case (I’ve seen it on Seiko 5’s…)

  24. John

    Great article. I can’t seem a new Monster for sale anywhere, even a 3rd generation version. Have they all been officially discontinued?



    1. Post
  25. Andrew

    This was a fun read. I have a very early Black monster on steel bracelet manufactured in May 2000. Early on, they came from the factory with a domed crystal, My example also has Arabic/English day/date. Still runs like a champ.

  26. Tori

    3rd Generation was when it got included in Seiko’s Prospex Line in the Japanese Market. It was presented as an overseas /reverse import premium model complete with nice box and back history documentation. Back then Prospex was a JDM line not available elsewhere unlike today.

  27. edward bruce

    I have a purple mini monster, I believe it is a SNZF but I got no papers with it and dont know the #. I also have a orange SNZF49 and the purple one is the same watch only purple. Can you identify the # of this watch? Thanks

  28. Wayne

    Great review but a couple of monsters missing. The SRP461 is same as the SRP455 but its limited to 500 units and numbered unlike the 455. 2 night monsters missing. SZEN007 AND SZEN010. Thanks

  29. Martin

    Hi. Mine SKX781 1st gen Monster has Roman/English days. Does anybody know for what market were R/E days produced?

  30. Jimmy

    You have made a mistake on the seiko SNM037, the 2 o’clock crown controls the movement and the 4 o’clock crown controls the compass dial.


  31. Peter Connelly

    I am ISO a couple links for a SNM035 Landmonster bracelet.
    Can anyone assist me in locating a couple links?
    Thank you,

  32. Matthew

    Io lo trovo bello! Solo che preferisco i Seiko Mini Turtle, i Turtle, Samurai, Sumo e Baby Marinemaster e sicuramente un giorno prenderò anche il Seiko Monster

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