Desert Wanderer: Ft. The Casio Protrek 2500R-1

Posted by Mike Johnson on in EDC

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Bushcraft 101 by Dave Catebury

1 » Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury

Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury – ($10.39)

Written by survivalist expert Dave Caterbury, this book gets you ready for your next back country adventure with the 5Cs of Survivability – cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages. Don’t leave civilization without it.

Light Trail Dayhiker First Aid Kit

2 » Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker First Kit

Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker First Aid Kit – ($13.76)

A cheap first aid-kit with all the tools you need to treat minor abrasions, sprains, burns and bites – this kit could come in handy if you found yourself hurt on your next desert hiking excursion.

Casio Protrek 2500R-1

3 » Casio Protrek 2500R-1

Casio Protrek 2500R-1 – (n/a)

The triple-sensor PRW2500 features an array of useful outdoor features – sensors for barometric pressure, compass, and thermometer ensure that you are always ready to navigate in ever-changing conditions. It might be dry out there, but 200M water resistance ensures it won’t break when you find an oasis.

SpyderCo Temperence 2

4 » SpyderCo Temperance 2

SpyderCo Temperance 2 – (n/a)

A serious fixed-blade knife is a requirement for any serious outdoorsman. With it’s hard-wearing 4.8″ VG-10 stainless steel blade and full skeletonized tang, this is knife can hold up to some serious abuse.

Suunto A10 Field Compass

5 » Suunto A-10 Field Compass

Suunto A-10 Recreational Field Compass – ($21.00)

If the batteries fail on your Protrek, you’ll be happy to know you brought a backup with your old-fashioned magnetic Suunto A-10 Recreational Field Compass.  Just don’t forget your map.

Leatherman Signal Multitool

6 » Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool – ($119.70)

Your standard light-weight Leatherman toolset with the addition of specialized outdoor tools. A serrated blade, safety whistle, and fire-starting ferrous rod ensure that you’re prepared for anything you encounter on the trail.

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