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What is 60Clicks?

60Clicks is a resource dedicated to watch enthusiasts and collectors of “Tool Watches”; Divers, Chronographs, Pilots, Field Watches, Digitals and other purpose-built watches that aren’t afraid to be worn in the field.

The world of horology is dominated by celebrity marketing, out-of-reach luxury brands, and cheap disposable trinkets masquerading as high-end pieces – 60Clicks is here to show you the other side.

Some people buy watches as status symbols to show-off their disposable income. Some buy watches as wrist-candy, opting for pieces with flashy gold and sparkly jewels. This website is not for those people.

We buy watches because we are obsessed. Obsessed with history, design, craftsmanship, and engineering. The only watches we talk about here are watches that make us smile every time we put them on.

In an intimidating industry that take’s itself a little too seriously, we strive to make watch-collecting more accessible and fun for the everyday collector.

What is a Tool Watch?

Tool watches are purpose-built to emphasize function over fashion. Below are a few of our favorite Tool watch categories:

  • Dive Watches: Built for diving and swimming, dive watches have exceptional waterproofness and pressure resistance. Typically fitted with a timing bezel to monitor oxygen levels (or steaks on the BBQ), dive watches are some of the most popular watch styles around.
  • Chronographs: Used by pilots, astronauts, and drivers, Chronographs excel at precisely timing events. Some Chronographs also have Tachymeters, which allow the wearer to determine the speed of moving objects.
  • Pilot Watches: Pilot watches are specialized for high-altitude use and supreme legibility, containing features like GMT bezels to track multiple timezones.
  • Field Watches: With roots in ground military operations, field watches excel at one thing: telling time. Rugged, legible, and reliable, field watches are meant to be worn and used actively in the field.
  • Digital and Smart Watches: These high-tech pieces can have a little bit of everything. From fitness and health tracking to email and web browsing, the diversity of smart and digital watches is staggering.

The truth is: you don’t have to have a special job to wear a tool watch. Tool watches are beautifully designed, well built, and most importantly, fun to wear.

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